e-mobility is a key factor for designing a climate-friendly and sustainable mobility. The political will for the development of electric mobility persists and almost all manufacturers are working on relevant concepts. Models come from smaller specialized companies as well as from large traditional OEMs. Although the market could evolve faster – in the medium to long term manufacturers will have to expand their “electric product portfolio” and electric vehicles will develop into a mass product. An example for a growth market of electric vehicles today is the increasing sales volume of electric bikes in Europe.


  • Areas of application of adhesive tapes in e-car batteries
  • Market development of start-stop technology
  • Market analysis of e-scooters in Europe, China and USA
  • Competitor analysis of alternative drive systems in industrial trucks
  • Pre-qualification of new suppliers of carbon fiber reinforced parts for electric vehicles

New market report “E-bikes in Europe 2015”

mod21 in cooperation with Greenfinder has published a new version of its E-Bikes Market report. The new report will give a detailed view on the growing European market of electric bikes and pedelecs. Main subjects are the market developments and changes in industry structure as well as the comparison of different bike features by user categories (e.g. City, Trekking or Mountainbike).

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Market and competitor analysis, new suppliers

The number of models of e-cars and e-bikes available on the market is growing steadily. Accordingly, besides electric mobility, related topics such as infrastructure, charging stations, new mobility concepts or smart devices play an increasingly important role.

In addition to automotive manufacturers or suppliers also ICT companies with technologies for the intelligent networking of transport and energy systems or utility companies are involved as market players. Market and competitor analyses can provide a sound basis to support market and product development.

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