Engineering and manufacturing industry

The plant and mechanical engineering industry in Germany is traditionally export-oriented. Long-term strategic planning can be affected by changes in foreign policy and economic trends. Many companies within the industry are concerned with key issues such as energy efficiency, industry 4.0 or automated and flexible manufacturing processes.

mod21 supports the strategic marketing of companies in plant construction, mechanical engineering, automation, drive technology or the manufacturing industry.



  • Competitor analyses for machine tools
  • Company profiles and SWOT analyses for industrial automation
  • Target group analyses for converters in the industry
  • Identification of new business partners in the foundry industry in NAFTA
  • Market analysis for special machinery for measurement and testing in medical technology

International Issues – Local Solutions!

mod21 can answer to issues on international markets locally with research experts from its international network. This means through mod21 you access to research partners in more than 40 countries, covering more than 100 countries worldwide.
International Market Research

Importance of market knowledge


Some companies want to diversify in order to reduce their dependency on single markets or customers. Others are eager to expand their business into new countries and become more international.

Knowledge about markets and the competitive situation is the basis for the implementation of a successful strategy. mod21 supports companies in plant construction, mechanical engineering, automation, drive technology or the manufacturing industry by providing complete market and competition analyses or customized pieces of information on markets, products and companies.

… your benefits offered by mod21

  • Reduced inhouse workload thanks to additional external capacity
  • Industry knowledge beyond your own market
  • View from the outside delivering supplementary insights
  • Prompt personal assistance on demand by immediate request handling
  • Cost-effective due to streamlined research approach
  • Access to more than 1,000 national and international sources as well as to local research partners worldwide

Competitive Intelligence

marketing intelligence on demand