Medical devices and technology

Companies within the medtec and healthcare industry constantly have to adapt to changing requirements. Political and social factors such as demographic changes, pricing pressure from buying groups or cost pressure resulting from health policy decisions have a decisive effect on the product strategy of companies. Production processes have to be optimized in order to be more energy efficient, the degree of automation has to be increased and networking through the integration and interconnection of IT systems has to be promoted.


  • Market analysis: Degree of automation in the medtech industry in NAFTA
  • Market development for “Aesthetic laser devices” in Germany
  • Potential analysis for liver dialysis machines in intensive care units
  • Company profile of a large clinic group (procurement organization and strategy…)

International Issues – Local Solutions!

mod21 can answer to issues on international markets locally with research experts from its international network. This means through mod21 you access to research partners in more than 40 countries, covering more than 100 countries worldwide.
International Market Research

Market and competitor analysis, new suppliers

For the implementation of a successful product strategy the continuous screening of future technologies is essential. Current main drivers are telemedicine, biotechnology developments, optimization of imaging techniques or minimally invasive methods.

Potential and market analyses, competitor monitoring or country-specific information are important tools to underpin internal strategic decisions. The identification of new suppliers or partners for the optimization of internal processes is of equal significance.

… your benefits offered by mod21

  • Reduced inhouse workload thanks to additional external capacity
  • Industry knowledge beyond your own market
  • View from the outside delivering supplementary insights
  • Prompt personal assistance on demand by immediate request handling
  • Cost-effective due to streamlined research approach
  • Access to more than 1,000 national and international sources as well as to local research partners worldwide

Competitive Intelligence

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