mod21 stands for

Marketing Intelligence

  • Gaining additional knowledge about products, markets and companies…
  • … by collecting, evaluating and analyzing relevant information.

on demand

  • Customized results according to customer needs – with regard to both content and format.
  • Immediate reaction to and prompt handling of your requests, completion of small-scale assignments within a few hours.

in the 21st century

  • State-of-the art research tools and methodology.
  • Founded in 2010 with a commitment to sustainable business.

History mod21

  • 2010 Founded by Jenny Ripke
  • 2012 Sebastian Lüttig is joining the company as managing partner of mod21
  • 2016 mod21 is bought by SVP Deutschland AG and integrated as a brand


Our market research team

Nearly 15 consultants take care about your demands, and more than 6 consultants are focused on technical branches.

Since the establishment of SVP Deutschland AG the research team has successfully completed more than 130,000 research requests, including several thousand large-scale projects. For about 20,000 requests the results were delivered on the same day.

Our corporate principles

Corporate principles
Our positioning towards customers, partners and social stakeholder groups is defined by the following guidelines:

  • mod21 pursues reliable and long-term partnerships.
  • mod21 promotes social and environmental sustainability through ethical entrepreneurship.
  • mod21 provides individual advice for clients – for short-term assignments as well as for project-based analysis.
  • mod21 provides services that are designed to enable companies and organizations to evolve in new and existing markets.

marketing intelligence on demand