Competitive intelligence

Monitoring the competitive landscape helps defining your own market position and identifying potential risks. Benchmarking shows threats and opportunities and enables companies to better benefit from their own USPs. Sales and Marketing managers benefit from competitive intelligence when deciding for the most promising marketing mix („4Ps“ – Product, Price, Place, Promotion).

mod21 offers competition analysis and monitoring to support you in identifying competitive risks and trends in the market.



  • Which marketing tools does the competition use?
  • Which strategies do my competitors pursue?
  • Which new products were launched on the market?
  • Into which countries are my competitors expanding?

Only at first glance they all look alike…

Research results from mod21 are customized according to specific customer needs – both with regard to content and format. This enables the customer to directly include the results into their own process.

International Issues – Local Solutions!

mod21 can answer to issues on international markets locally with research experts from its international network. This means through mod21 you access to research partners in more than 40 countries, covering more than 100 countries worldwide.
International Market Research

… your benefits offered by mod21

Competitive Intelligence

  • Reduced inhouse workload thanks to additional external capacity
  • Industry knowledge beyond your own market
  • View from the outside delivering supplementary insights
  • Prompt personal assistance on demand by immediate request handling
  • Cost-effective due to streamlined research approach
  • Access to more than 1,000 national and international sources as well as to local research partners worldwide

Competition Radar by Management Monitor

In partnership with MANAGEMENT MONITOR mod21 offers COMPETITION RADAR. The award-winning software provides an overview of markets, competitors, competing products, the marketing mix and the distribution channel of your competitors.

Internal and external market and competitor information can be collected from different sources and stored in one single database. The results are displayed in clear market and competitor portraits, which can be used for a great variety of market or company analyses.

mod21 offers its services to companies running COMPETITION RADAR as their internal competitive intelligence software. For further information please contact mod21 or MANAGEMENT MONITOR – a product from Steinbeis – Transferzentrum Unternehmensentwicklung (SZUE) at Pforzheim University.


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